My Problem with Facebook

When Facebook first started, it was a great site. It was simple, it was targeted at college age people and it wasn’t the cluster f-ck that it has become.

Now, the site caters to every person in the world. It’s a place for people to rant on how great or terrible their lives are.

Then, there are the “photo whores,” who take a dozen pictures of themselves throughout the day; simply to post it on Facebook. In fact these people have albums full of nothing but pictures of themselves. Often times not doing anything other than posing for the camera (usually the one on their phone). It’s a ridiculous circle of arrogance. Some girls do it just so guys will comment on how sexy they are (and some guys do it for the comments from girls). Narcissism at it’s finest.

The site has also become one big family reunion. To some this is ok; but, it’s a bit annoying when the older generation takes status updates too literally. Or uses the site to keep tabs on their kids.

People also send request for the dumbest things. “Join me in Farmville.” Or, insert any other useless apps the site has added.

Perhaps the site still has some saving features, like setting up group events; however, this is just a small perk. The site, and I suppose this would include all social network sites, has made people lazy and less personally involved in real life.

As well, most people have friends that they don’t even know or have met in real life. People just want high numbers on their friends list, like ornaments on a Christmas tree.

To me, the site has lost it’s trendiness. It has become to commercialized. All I see on there are people that gloat or sulk. It’s like watching trash TV.

Personally, I have strayed from the site as much as possible and started using Twitter more. It’s simple and to the point.

Perhaps some of my arguments aren’t perfect, but hey, it’s just my opinion.


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