I’m not sure what the news feeds of others’ social media pages looks like; but, mine is rather irritating at times. Just today, I saw a comment by a girl who thinks she was cool for owning an 800 number and being a former dominatrix. Really. This thought process was brought to light from the fact that a couple of movies, such as “Fifty Shades of Grey,” have come out, glorifying the taboo topic. First, this topic isn’t a new one. Look at the storyline of the movie “Pretty Woman.” Second, if one thinks they are cool for being a dominatrix or making money from objectifying one’s self, it is sad. Especially if that person is a mother.

The more I see and hear the rantings and commentary of poorly thought out arguments and general comments of people the more I shake my head. I did however solve the problem. I unfriended that person. A simple solution, to make my social networking experience more enjoyable.


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