Election Time is Near

Whomever you are voting for please consider the following, my humble opinions. If you are dissatisfied with the economy, it is not the President who can magically fix it. It is the ability of the people to use their money more wisely and not purchasing things on flimsy credit.

As well, if you are voting out of religious beliefs and want the president to abolish abortions, consider the following. We had a so called Christian President for eight years and abortion was never abolished. Romney will not make abortion go away. People should practice safe sex in order to not conceive a child and have to face the decision of doing such a thing.

Romney will not magically save us from the poor economy and neither will Obama. It is going to take the work of a lot of people, not just one man. Both candidates will each make promises that they will not keep. Each will do whatever it takes to get elected/re-elected.

Whomever your candidate of choice though, please get out and vote. It is your right and privilege.


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