Maybe I’m getting out of touch with today’s youth and what they think is cool. Or perhaps, as my forefathers and mothers thought of my generation, “What the hell are they thinking?”

My first topic is that of the “duckface.” For those who don’t know what this is, it is when girls (never saw a guy do this), purse their lips in a kissing-esq fashion so to say and take a photo, or twenty of themselves. How is this attractive or even a likable pose to put in a picture? It isn’t attractive in the slightest. I mean come on, at least smile or just be expressionless. There is no need to mimic a water fowl with a beak. Next…

tYPinG LIkE tHIs. I haven’t seen too much of this lately. But, why would anyone want to take the time and hold the shift key down to get all of those capital letters in there? And how do you know which letters to capitalize? I once saw a person on Facebook, who was married, type like that about her and her husband. If you are not mature enough to be able to type correctly, perhaps you shouldn’t be married yet. Next…

Taking pictures of yourself in excess. I remember a day when if you wanted a picture of yourself you would ask another person to take the picture. Or someone actually wanted to take a picture of you. Now, and I’m not saying I haven’t taken a self portrait or two, but, for God’s sake, just because you changed your hair style doesn’t mean everyone wants forty seven different angles of your new hair cut. And it is just ridiculous to have an entire album (mobile uploads anyone) dedicated to pictures of yourself. Don’t you care about anything else?

I’m off my soapbox for now.


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