Why Can’t I Teleport Yet?

Sometimes I’m amazed at how technology has evolved. I’ve got a smartphone with a voice that can give me turn by turn directions, play my favorite tunes and let me surf the internet. I remember when the only phone my family had was a land line connected to a “party line.” In other words the phone number was shared among different houses. And you had to make sure the person at the other house wasn’t using the phone before you could make a call. teleportationNow, despite having a phone like I have, I wonder, why can’t we teleport people yet? Honestly, what is so hard about transporting a human great distances by breaking down every atom in their body and reconstructing it somewhere else?

Jokes aside, new devices that will allow all, or most of your gadgets to communicate with each other aren’t too far away. For instance, rumor has it that Apple is working on an iTV that can be controlled by an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. And then there are these Google Glasses. These glasses allow the wearer to surf the internet and have the content appear in the lens, all while those around are unaware of what the wearer is looking at.

One day my phone will talk to my car, house, TV, computer and everything else I own. And I’ll just sit back and wonder, what the hell are they saying.


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