Tragedy in Small Town USA

On Saturday May 25, 2013, Police Officer Jason Ellis of the Bardstown Kentucky Police department was shot an killed. On May 30, his funeral procession passed by my current subdivision in Bardstown  with several hundred officers from counties and cities from all over the state. Citizens of Bardstown lined the route of the funeral procession in honor of the fallen officer. It was a somber experience. However, it was uplifting to watch the community come together to honor this man and show support to the family and fellow officers from all over the state.

Now, it is suspected that members of the Bardstown gang: BMG, Bardstown Money Gang, may be involved with the murder of Officer Ellis. This past winter, Ellis arrested the suspected leader of the BMG, a gang which consists mostly of people in their late teens and early twenties. ( Members of the Bardstown Money Gang were also convicted of beating a New Haven resident, sixty two year old Joseph Hagan at a local restaurant, Huddle House. During the incident, words were exchanged between three members of the BMG; Deandre Douglas, Darian Ellery and Martin Barber, ages twenty, nineteen and twenty three respectively. According to the local Bardstown newspaper, The Kentucky Standard’s records, Deandre Douglas was indicted with trafficking a controlled substance in June of 2012. (


Please note that the following paragraph is merely hearsay and is not based on hard proof of any kind.

It is kind of odd that a person told me several weeks prior to the events surrounding officer Ellis, that the beating of Joseph Hagan, the sixty two year old New Haven resident by members of the BMG was a gang war. It was stated that Hagan was an alleged member of the famed Cornbread Mafia, who have been accused of growing 182 tons of marijuana in ten states, including Kentucky. And, Marion County Kentucky, which borders Bardstown’s home of Nelson County, is the Cornbread Mafia’s headquarters. It was also stated that the Bardstown Money Gang was interested in taking over the territory of distribution of illicit substances from the Cornbread Mafia.


If anyone who should read this has any solid information pertaining to the murder of Officer Jason Ellis, please contact the Bardstown police department.

The community of Bardstown will forever remember Officer Ellis as a hero and keep his family in their thoughts and prayers.


2 thoughts on “Tragedy in Small Town USA

  1. I was in town when Ellis was murdered, and I wrote my own piece on the matter here shortly thereafter:

    I sent an lengthy email expressing my concerns to the Bardstown Chief of Police, but never heard back. As far as I know, the investigation is being handled by state police, and still in progress. But if you ask me, I think he was killed by fellow cops.

    1. Richard, Hello, I was wandering “what had induced this theory into your mind?:” Is there something that “stands out” in your opinion that would direct this murder back to the his “fellow cops” as you put it?? I guess curiosity is why I’m asking. My cousin disappeared in New York City 33 years ago and every since I’ve followed closely unsolved disappearances and murders. Thank you!

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