Questions about God

Today is Easter. And while many are celebrating the resurrection of Christ, I am pondering over many questions about all aspects of the Christian teachings. First off, I was raised in a strict Catholic home. I had the faith spoon fed to me from day one, now I’m wondering more than ever, just what is truth and what is just part of a great story. Primarily, if anyone with a greater knowledge than myself reads this, please feel free to answer these questions.

-Would we have been saved if Jesus had just died of natural causes, rather than being crucified on the cross? And, if not, should we be grateful to Pontius Pilot, Judas and others who aided in his crucifixion?

-In the Old Testament, God creates Adam and Eve and they have three sons: Cain, Able and Seth. Who do Seth and Cain have children with? And, where did they come from?

-God so loved the world that He sent His only Son to save the human race. However, in the Old Testament, God destroyed everyone but Noah and his family, destroyed Sodom and Gamora, punished his faithful servant Joab in a bet with Satan (yet rewards him later), and kills the first born sons of everyone in Egypt (unless lamb’s blood is put on the door). Are these acts of love? Compared to Jesus who kept the company of and forgave prostitutes, thieves and others considered by the people to be bad.

-If the Last Supper was the first Mass, when was the second mass?

-If the Bible is to be taken literally rather than metaphorically, then why do we need priest and preachers explaining what is meant in various passages throughout the text? Are some parts history and others metaphors? Who decides which is which?

-Why do the details in different books vary? Shouldn’t they agree if it is to be taken as an historical document?

There are more questions, but, these are the one’s I’ve been thinking most on.

For the record, I do believe in God. I’m just not certain how everything works out. I also trust the practicality of science and history and the constant search for knowledge. And not just stopping when something difficult comes along and stating that “it’s just the way God made it.” I think that all questions should be thoroughly tested and able to explain at least someday. Science is a matter of fact, religion is a matter of belief.




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