Lets be Professional

The opinions here are strictly from the observational view of the writer. No real research went into this piece, only the research of observation on the patterns of humans dealing with each other.

Webster describes a professionalism as: 1. professional character, spirit, or methods. 2. the standing, practice, or methods of a professional, as distinguished from an amateur.

One would also believe that a person in such a high position would conduct his or herself in a manner to maintain that persona, at the very least in the eye of the public. However, many notable, high ranking members of society behave in the exact opposite of what one would considered to be professional.

Take CEO’s for example; although their job can be stressful, working long hours and living in a hectic lifestyle, some find themselves in a very unfavorable light. From things like using company money to pay for vacations, downsizing their workforce to increase profits and giving themselves a “golden parachute” to fall back on if it should all fail.

Politicians can be just as guilty of slandering the meaning of professionalism. Any person could turn on the evening news and most likely hear of some kind of scandal from some political figure.

So, why are so many people getting caught in the snare of unprofessionalism? Could it be that in this day and age that there aren’t too many secrets with the amount of technology and communications available? If so, the person who initially “let the cat out of the bag” had to tell someone, write something online or any other means of bringing that information to the public’s eye.

Regardless if the public knows or not. The fact is that type of conduct is most often only beneficial to one person. The person who is involved in the affair or “cooking the books.” Because of their shortsightedness, thousands of workers suffer. Take for example the famous Enron scandal. Due to higher ups in the company and a lot of bad decision making, employees lost their pension, 401k and so forth. The wants of the few outweighed the needs of the many.

With all that said, it seems that the term professionalism is just a cover up. A fictitious word used to describe one who has climbed higher on the corporate or political ladder. It is human nature to look out for one’s self; but, at some point one should examine the line they cross before heading down a slippery slope.


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