No Reply

Perhaps this isn’t exactly a new trend. However, it is happening a lot more, to me at least. This being the act of not replying to a text or a phone call. How hard is it to take twenty seconds to reply back to a text, at the very least to inform the person you are busy at the moment, and will get back at a later time?

The excuse “I’m busy,” or, “I’ve been busy” is often used. Guess what? Everyone is busy. Everyone’s time is valuable.

This practice is quite prominent when trying to ensure a prior plan is still a go. Yet, instead of a person calling/texting to say “hey, I can’t make it tonight” and provide a legitimate reason, even if it is to say “I just don’t feel like it,” the person just doesn’t communicate at all. They just let the act of not responding or communicating, do the talking for them.

This is pathetic. Be considerate and let people know what is going on.


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